Reimagined Exemption
Certificate Management

The most complex of actions reduced to their simplest form and presented in a beautiful intuitive interface.

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Your Business Is Covered

ControlPoint can be used in any facet of your business operations.
Some common examples include:

ControlPoint Use Cases

Get a Sneak Peak of ControlPoint's Prominent Features to Simplify Your ECM Process

Understanding the Industry Challenges of Exemption Certificate Management

Webhooks: Integrations Made Simple

User Defined Fields

Amazingly Powerful Features

The all new ControlPoint merges ease of use with unparalleled Exemption Certificate Management (ECM) power. Engage all of your customers and vendors in just a few mouse clicks. Create a comprehensive view of your certificate compliance with intuitive validation and dynamic reporting.

Know Your Certs

Comprehensive dashboards, reports, and user work flows provide all the information required to understand all of your certificate compliance data.

Request certificates from clients

Easily identify clients who have not provided certificates or target expiring documents requiring renewals.

Send certificates to vendors

Create or upload certificates to ControlPoint, identify vendors, and send them completed documents with an audit trail.

Built-in word processor

Store letter templates in the system, merge them with recipients, tailor them as needed, and send them out as letters or emails.

Receive certificates online

Supports unique links for all your clients to upload their forms or create them online.

Powerful reports

Robust reports allow you to seamlessly produce materials for auditors with the push of a button.

Unparalleled Certificate Control

Quickly and easily edit PDF documents in the browser without any plugins or software, letting you turn any browser into a powerful compliance tool.

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